On finding myself, or at least camillejuco.com

We look so far beyond that we fail to see what's within

When you’re 21 and fresh out of college, you think that you’re invincible. That you can conquer the world. That life is just waiting for you so it can shower you with all the glorious opportunities it has to offer. Unabashedly, that’s how I felt. And I figured since “real life” has been waiting for 21 years.. a few more months for myself wouldn’t hurt. I travelled and explored, worked on a passion project and travelled some more. It was a great time.

Two years later, the grown-up decisions I have been avoiding have finally caught up with me and started weighing me down. 

Where do you see your life going?
What exactly do you want to do?
How are you going to support yourself?
When are you going to learn to make dinner?

I am truly blessed to be able to live the past two years the way that I did. And as much as I enjoyed that lifestyle, a part of me yearned for stability. More than anything, I just wanted to find my path. To figure out my niche in this world and live that life. While I am incredibly grateful to have all the opportunities that I do, having so many options makes it difficult to come to a decision, especially for someone who wants to, quite literally, do everything. 

So for a time, I was swayed by well meaning friends and relatives to do exactly what most fresh graduates do. I sent my resumé to companies, went through the whole interview process and waited for them to give me a yes or a no (hoping that it was a no). Even as a child, I knew I never wanted to have a desk job. But what do I want?

For months, I was quietly frustrated and debating with myself on what to do. I had a notion of what I wanted, but I could never fully grasp the idea of it. I’ve been on Pinterest for about five yours now and I knew it was high time I started creating my own content. But what to write about? I didn’t want to write anything half-assed. It had to be something I’m really passionate about. I knew I wanted to somehow help and inspire people. I knew it was possible with the small following I’ve accumulated on Pinterest. But how exactly?

One weekend, I took a break from my sulking and I attended a local Art Fair. I was blown away by the homegrown talents I’ve never even heard of. One particular woman’s work inspired me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to feature her later on in this blog but basically meeting her finally made me realise what it is that I want to do. I want to somehow channel the internet’s attention to people and places that deserve recognition. People and places that are found in my own hometown.

Often times we look so far beyond that we fail to see what’s within. (I feel like there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.) It’s so easy to overlook your own country when choosing travel destinations. You’ve grown so accustomed to your city that you forget how beautiful it is. To you, it’s just the ordinary hustle and bustle of daily life but to everyone else, it’s the next stop on their bucket list.  The Philippines is a rainbow of a gem. And a gem that I’ve been constantly taking for granted. So I plan to explore this little archipelago (and islands beyond) and share all the places I go to, the stories of people I meet and the little stories I make in my head as I go along.

I know this is quite ambitious and I’m possibly way in over my head. I may not fully know what I’m doing but I intend to skip and hopscotch my way down this own untrodden path of mine.

Join me as I get to know my country more… And consequently, myself.

Give me a high five along the way! 


Feel free to send me an email if you’re planning a trip to the Philippines! :)