Meeting the T'boli, Part II

Nothing is more captivating than the beauty of the T'boli people and their rich culture. This trip was the first time that I met an indigenous group in my country. And while I've always known that there is a lot to see and discover in the Philippines, actually seeing the T'boli with my own eyes and spending time with them made me realise how much more I have yet to see.

my preferred mode of transportation

Habal habal, the town's typical mode of transportation

Len, the woman behind Filip + Inna, with her embroiderers

These women are the head embroiderers of Filip + Inna and the first group of women the brand worked with. Five years later, we now have over sixty embroiderers and that count still continues to grow as they teach their daughters, nieces and friends their craft. This is one of the reasons I love working with Filip + Inna. 

 Their workmanship is truly unparalleled. I always let out a small gasp each time I hold one of their latest works. The photos don't do their creations justice.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the T'boli tribe and that you go to bed tonight with dreams of lakes and bamboo huts. Maybe if you're lucky, Fu Dalu will pay you a visit and give you that stroke of inspiration you need. xx